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Pura Stainless: Kiki Silicone Travel Covers

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Pura is the first and only juvenile bottle provider to ship its bottles with a 100% plastic-free silicone travel nipple/spout travel cover. This revolutionary design not only eliminates plastic components but provides much improved functionality as it does not “pop” off the bottle when jostled about in a bag. Also in accordance with re-purposing philosophy, the travel caver can also be used as a plastic-free snack cup for toddlers in a stroller, pram or car seat!

  • Features & details

    • 100% Plastic free Silicone Travel Cover easily covers Pura Silicone Nipple, Sippy, and Straw
    • Compatible with Pura Stainless bottles
    • Grippy Silicone stays put even when bottle is jostled about
    • Dishwasher Safe, medical grade silicone has no BPA, BPS, EA, PVC, phthalates, or other toxins and no lining