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Pura Stainless: Kiki Silicone Sealing Disk

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Pura’s eco-progressive mission leads them to constantly seek opportunities to increase the usefulness and life span of their products. Their new silicone sealing disks, while simple in concept, allow their Kiki bottles to be repurposed for use by adolescents and even adults! Pura’s colorful sealing disks can be used in the most obvious manner for breast milk storage but also allow their Kiki bottles to be used a small water bottles or even snack cups for school age kids as they are the perfect size for lunch boxes. In addition, free thinking adults might even recognize the ability of the Kiki bottles with a silicone lid to be used to carry adult beverages on camping trips, to the beach, or on-board a sailboat. Unbreakable stainless steel and plastic-free construction is not just for kids!

  • Features & details

    • 100% Plastic free silicone Sealink Disk tops allow you to transition from an infant bottle, sippy cup, or sports bottle using Pura components; Baby Grows...Bottle Evolves.
    • Compatible with all Pura Stainless bottles
    • Ideal for no-spill milk storage, snack storage, or use them to convery any Kiki bottle to a water-tight bottle for older chidlren
    • Each pack includes 3 colors (Orange, Green, Blue) allowing constant customization
    • Dishwasher Safe, medical grade silicone has no BPA, BPS, EA, PVC, phthalates, or other toxins and no lining